Simply put, short videos that engage and bring a ‘call to action’

So here, we flip the buns until they’re golden. The sweet spot that brings attention to your brand without elaborating too much because let’s face it; it’s been a while since attention spans have died across platforms since we have been given control of the scrub bars and skip buttons.

Holding an audience is not an easy task but videos can make it more snackable. Even a simple kinetic typography video can hold you through a subject like this video about a men’s health-care product that received over 11k views in a matter of 2 days.

Micro-videos have been around in the game for quite some time and there’s more to keep coming as we dive into mobile filmmaking, incorporating cinematic themes into the vertical horizons to advertise in more engaging ways, the potential is unprecedented. They usually are 15-30 seconds and can go up to 1 minute in duration for a more expansive experience.

A micro-video package has proved to be the game changer for many brands that we have worked with.


Swayam Khanna

Swayam started his point-and-shoot adventures when he was 12 and went on to the rollercoaster ride of working on big projects in the advertising & Hindi film industry. MOM, Mirzapur & Aarya to name a few. A coffee and film connoisseur who loves to dissect cinema made by the greats and keep experimenting with new media content. Swayam has won awards since he made videos in school and also got his short officially selected and screened at Whatashort film festival.

Swayam Khanna

CG Generalist/VFX Head

Angad Rana

A gym buff when he is not at his mean machine. Also known as THEVFXGURU professionally, Angad has delivered high high-end CG services for shows like The Umbrella Academy and more on Netflix and other OTTs and advertisements. A powerhouse of creativity and work ethic!

Angad Rana